Sunday, March 14, 2010

How do you winterize asiatic lily's?

It depends on where you live. I live in Canadian zone 5 and I don't winterize them at all.I get snow here but we do often have the ground freeze first. Were I to do so I would use straw, soil or wood shavings or peat moss, DRY, after a hard frost so the mice don't make homes in it. If you use soil, do not take it from near the plant but from another location. Yes, cut them back. If you have snow you could leave a couple of inches to help catch the snow for a good mulch. Good luck.

How do you winterize asiatic lily's?
I'm also in zone 5 in southern Ontario. I do nothing special for my Asiatic lillies. They are treated like the rest of the perennials in my garden and they come back beautifully every year. Be sure to cut back when stems are brown, and mulch for winter.
Reply:You really don't have to do anything as to winterizing them. I live in a very cold climate and grow many of them.I never have to do anything except wait till late fall to cut them back.
Reply:cut them almost to the ground and cover them with leaves and hay. do not put plastic on them or you will kill them off. Just make sure you have alot of leaves.
Reply:You should check out the North American Lily Society's webpage, they offer all kinds of info on lilies. Personally I live in SW Ohio and I have never winterized mine, but I don't know how the winters are where you're located.

Good luck!
Reply:I'm zone 5 here in illinios I don't even cut them back in the fall. I plant em then forget em until I seperate them

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